About Me

Professional Info:

I have finished graduation at University of Utah this may 2017, pursuing Masters of Entertainment and Engineering, with Game Engineering as the major.

Playing console games sowed the first seeds of the fantasy virtual worlds in my mind. My parents then gifted me a computer which helped me thrive my passion for gaming. Since my childhood I have been fascinated by unreal fantasy worlds.

I have always loved playing games and showed interest in implementing game ideas wherever possible. I have worked on the Rockstar’s engine to creating mission mods for GTA San Andreas as a start, which is how I got into developing games.

Since then I have worked on 5 prototype games at the U, and now I have finished working on my thesis game ‘RoBros’, which is a sci-fi shooter with a rail planning twist. The game is available on Steam for free! For more info check this link: Robros

I worked on RoBros mainly as a AI engineer, developing the enemy AI. I also worked on a few other features in the game.

I have also been a undergraduate teaching assistant for Python at the U,  later getting promoted to a head TA.

I have worked for Travelex Group as a Graduate Apprentice for almost a year before pursuing my masters at Utah.

I have also worked in a community service club “Rotaract Club of Mumbai Shivaji Park”, as their Digital Communications Director(2013-14) and Public Relations Director (2013-14).


Languages: C,C++,C#, Java, J2EE, Python, Lua

Engines: Unity 5, Unreal Engine, Phaser, Farseer

Web Designing Languages: HTML, CSS, JSP and Servlets

IDE: Visual Studio, Eclipse, PyCharm

Take a look at my portfolio on GIT.


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