Vuforia recently piqued my interest in AR development, since a couple of weeks I have been developing prototypes for AR using Unity. It is interesting, it was fun to work with. Vuforia has a lot of documentation and lots of people are using it, even after being fairly new.

The games I modeled from my favourite game, Soccer. They are simple prototypes, just to demonstrate my familiarity with AR. Check them out here:

POV Soccer

Penalty Shots – Soccer AR


Robros – Geekwave Interviews

Interviewed by The Geekwave twice for development and release of Robros.

My team – Leigh Chan (Producer), Yashaswi Rawal(Designer) and me in the blue hoodie (Engineer)


My Team – Leigh Chan (Producer) and me.



This is my thesis game at the University of Utah.It is a sci-fi robot shooter with a spin on the classic arcade rail shooter by adding in strategic planning. The gameplay is split in two phases: planning and action. When planning, you take the role of BURT by plotting your route of escape on a 2D map and picking up batteries along the way. In the action phase, you take the role of IRN-E by exploring the 3D map, picking up weapons and items and shooting down rogue robots that impede BURT’s path. The completion of each level is dependent on the cooperation of the robot duo as BURT provides the power while IRN-E provides the protection.

Check out the trailer at:

Raccoon Riot


Raccoon Riot is a role-playing game where you play as a raccoon who breaks in a supermarket at night, picks food up and leaves before security captures him. The raccoon in his cart can pick up foodstuffs like apples, bananas and cereal boxes but not objects like paper cups. He can dash through the aisles, breaking them to pieces with enough momentum. The objective of the game is to pick up as many objects as you can in a minute. As 50 seconds are up, an alarm goes off which means the security is alerted. When that happens your speed boosts 10 times your original speed and you have to decide to pick up more objects in this period to score more points or get out in time to win.  Exciting isn’t it? For more information, click here.

Wanna play? Download here.

Dig Doug


Dig Doug is a 2D game, a “mod” of the original is an arcade game developed and published by Namco in Japan in 1982.  The objective of Dig Doug is the same as original, to eliminate underground dwelling monsters.  We replaced the original titular character with our own Dig Doug – a mole who wears a helmet and can dig through destructible environments. Killing the monsters is also changed, where instead of inflating and blowing them up using a pump, we blow them up using bombs. This was inspired from Hudson Soft’s “Bomberman”,also  released in 1983. For full information click here.

Wanna try the game out ?  Click here for the download link.

Sumo Turtles


Sumo Turtles is a 2D arena battle game, with turtle tops whirling and battling in a variety of arenas like sumo wrestlers, trying to push each other off the arena. The idea was conceived by the seven of us in the class “Rapid Prototyping” for EAE at University of Utah. The idea originated from us been given one toy per team and we were directed to make a game based on the toy. We received a toy top with a sticker of the TMNT and which is how we came up with the idea of the game. For more information click here.

Wanna download the game ? Click here for free download link.

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