Developer Log – May 2016

This is my thesis game at the University of Utah. It is a ‘tactical rail shooter’ game where you lay your rails before you pick up the gun and jump into action. It is different from other conventional rail shooters as here you plot your own rail and then you can ‘ride the rails’.

The game is divided into 2 phases, first one is Planning Phase (Top View) where you plot the rail to get to a destination,  and other one is Action Phase (First person view) where you shoot the enemies that attack you and try to reach the destination alive.

My work was primarily focused on the enemy AI, making them patrol a particular area and attack the player when he is close. I worked with a rigged models making them walk, run, attack, throw, and die when shot. The ‘zombie’ models are used from the website 

I have created two types on enemies, regular sized zombies which patrol the area waiting for the player to pass by them, and a larger boss zombie who throws a crate at the player when he detects him, and then proceeds to attack him. This is the code for the smaller enemy.






The boss zombie had a separate crate object latched to him, which was detached at the right moment and  thrown at the player. This is the logic for the boss enemy.






The crate was attached as a child to the boss’s arm. It had no physics properties, but as the player gets detected, those properties are turned on and the box is thrown at the player.




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